Fire Vox

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Fire Vox is an open-source, freely available talking browser extension for the Firefox web browser. It is a screen reader designed for Firefox.

Main Features: 

  • Fire Vox is designed to accommodate different users with different needs. For visually impaired users, all Fire Vox commands are keyboard activated.
  • The keyboard commands can be easily reconfigured in the self-voicing Fire Vox Options menu to avoid conflicts with other accessibility software products or to suit personal preferences. For sighted users who need a screen reader, such as web developers interested in testing their webpages or educators who work with visually impaired students, Fire Vox's highlighting feature makes it easy to keep track of where it is reading from on a page. This highlighting feature is also useful for dyslexic users and partially sighted users.
  • Close integration with Firefox: Because Fire Vox works directly within the Firefox browser, it always provides users with a live view of the webpage, rather than a frozen snapshot.
  • Fire Vox uses the visible Firefox cursor and respects that positioning whenever possible, and there is no need to switch between modes.
  • Support for Live Regions marked up with WAI-ARIA: The WAI-ARIA markup is designed to make AJAX accessible. 
  • Support for the CSS 3 Speech Module. 
  • Direct MathML support: MathML support is built into Firefox, and Fire Vox will read MathML back using Abraham Nemeth's math speak rules. There are no additional plugins that the users need to buy or install to get MathML working. 
  • Site-Specific Enhancements: If the option to "Use site-specific enhancements" is turned on, Fire Vox will automatically retrieve and apply the latest AxsJAX scripts to improve the users web-surfing experience. AxsJAX is a framework for injecting accessibility enhancements into web pages. These enhancements are specifically tailored to make their respective web pages speak intelligently. 

More Information: 

This product is a freeware software available for free download off of the internet from Charles L. Chen, or search for: "open-source freeware Charles L. Chen."