FreeRider USB to Bluetooth Converter

Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

The Portset FreeRider USB to Bluetooth converter allows a wide range of Human Interface Device equipment designed for students with Special Educational Needs to be connected to desktop PC equipment without wires.

Main Features: 

  • The device converts HID USB connected devices and sends the information via the Bluetooth wireless communication system to the fixed PC equipment. This frees the user from being tethered to the equipment, allowing the student to stay in contact with the workstation while being free to move within the classroom.
  • A unique pairing with special encoded Bluetooth dongles ensures that devices do not interfere with each other and that students are uniquely identified.
  • The USB to Bluetooth converter has an internal Lithium-ion rechargeable battery providing hours of operation and power to the keyboard or mouse.
  • Indicators are provided for Bluetooth connection, battery charging, and low battery level, with an audible alarm tone.
  • The internal Lithium-ion battery is charged via a micro USB connector similar to those used by smartphones.
  • Works with all versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • The device converts USB inputs to Bluetooth data for use in the AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) applications.
  • Illuminated indicators for Bluetooth connection, battery charging and low battery with additional audio tone warning.          

Primary Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: ABS case 111 x 75 x 25mm.
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 1A 3.7Volt.
  • Charging connection: micro USB Charging current: 200mA. 

More Information: 

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