GT mini Trackball Orion

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Approximate Cost: $600.00


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Product Description: 

The mini trackball is a mouse simulator that allows users to control the mouse pointer with minimal force and movement. It is particularly suitable for people who have problems using the normal mouse: people who have a very limited range of motion for the extremities, with joint problems such as Arthritis, with more or less large motor problems (e.g. tremors, spastic paralysis, etc.), for finger/head rod users and people with dysmelia, or people with RSI syndrome or other wrist problems.

Main Features: 

  • The mouse pointer is controlled by moving the very small ball.
  • The built-in locking function of the left mouse button (LH key) enables single-button operation of the key mouse, thus ensuring the frequently used 'drag and drop function'. A red lamp shows status.
  • An additional built-in double-click function of the left mouse button (key 2L) makes it easier to work sensibly, especially for people with a disorder of fine motor skills.
  • The housing is flat to avoid a misalignment of the wrist.
  • The speed adjustment (like the 'normal' mouse) is set in the operating system.
  • The keycaps are glare-free and abrasion-resistant lettering.
  • The housing is milled from a solid block of hard aluminum and is powder-coated, ie. very scratch-resistant.
  • The use of short-stroke keys with a stroke of only 2.5 mm instead of the usual 4 mm enables efficient key entry.
  • The 'mini trackballs' are simply plugged into the PC instead of the normal mouse (very easy to startup).
  • Driver software is not required to operate the devices. All functions are 'hardware-solved' and can be set on the devices themselves.
  • These devices completely replace a normal mouse with all functions.
  • The devices are extremely easy to service due to the use of individual, mechanically high-quality buttons. The buttons can be changed easily e.g. due to unwanted liquid penetration.
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Custom orders are possible.
  • Included:
    • 1 piece adapter (from PS2 to USB).
    • 1 instruction manual.

Primary Specifications: 

  • All three variants have the same size housing:
    • Approximately 70 mm x 91 mm.
    • Front height: approx. 18 mm, rear height: approx. 24 mm. 
    • Weight about 0.2 kg.
  • Ball size: 16 mm.
  • Key size: approx. 18 mm.
  • Keystroke: approx.2.5 mm (short-stroke keys).
  • Key life:> 20 million operations.
  • Key actuation with almost linear pressure.
  • Operating force: approx. 0.45 Newton (smooth-running buttons).
  • Current consumption: 1 - 5 mA, type: 3 mA at 5 V + - 5%.
  • Storage: - 20 ° C to 60 ° C, operation: 0 ° C to 50 ° C, air humidity: max. approx. 80%, non-condensing.
  • The device is PS2 compatible. Also USB compatible with the included adapter.
  • Pin assignment: Standard 6 pin mini Din (PS2 connector).
  • Cable length approx.2.5 m.

Options & Accessories: 

  • Three housing options:
    • Ball arranged on the left, 1 keypad, suitable for a left-hander.
    • Ball arranged on the right, 1 keypad, suitable for a right-hander.
    • Ball arranged in the middle, 2 key fields, suitable for a one-hander.
  • Optionally available:
    • With extra-large lettering for those with low vision, either black engraving on a light keycap or white engraving on a black keycap (inverse) available.
    • With joystick instead of trackball and option of grip (small, medium and large ball knob).
    • A very sturdy tripod. This can be freely adjusted in height (using an extendable telescopic tube) and in all directions (using 2 ball heads at the top and bottom) and is attached to the table edge.
    • Hinged feet. 
    • Screw-on / unscrewable finger guards (cover plates) are available, the height of which can be adjusted using a spacer. 

More Information: 

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