Guardian Ergonomic Office Software

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Guardian Ergonomic Office Software is designed to help computer users avoid an overuse injury by suggesting rest breaks based on the ‘Strain’ from keyboard and mouse use. Among many other features, Guardian-EOS also includes reporting tools that allow WHS and HR staff to identify people at risk of a workstation overuse injury before it occurs.

Main Features: 

  • Break suggestions are made to the user based on the ‘STRAIN’ from keyboard and mouse usage.
  • Guardian’s ‘Strain-Based’ model vs a ‘Time-Based’ model.
  • Guardian-EOS models strain based on the results from a surface electromyography (EMG) baseline study. An EMG is a medical instrument that measures the electrical activity in the muscles to determine the amount of muscle tension.
  • Strain from different mouse activities is measured independently of keyboard strain. Guardian-EOS can tell the difference and uses both mousing strain and keyboard strain to suggest a break when a user actually needs to rest.
  • Guardian-EOS features a set-up wizard that asks a series of questions about the user's computing health, the type of keyboard and mouse they use, and their willingness to take breaks.
  • Based on the answers provided, Guardian-EOS\ adjusts to fit the needs of each individual user.
  • Guardian-EOS also provides users with pro-active tools that reduce strain, raise awareness, and encourage healthy work habits.

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