Hearing Loop for receptions and desks, set

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

The reception loop is an inductive loop that is intended for shops, receptions and counters to assist people with a hearing loss. The system enables people who use hearing aids to hear the receptionist or cashier more clearly. The system consists of the loop amplifier AutoMini (adapted for microphone), microphone and an induction loop. The inductive loop is built into a desk pad and produces a concentrated magnetic field in the area above the pad. It can be placed directly on the counter or underneath the desk top.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Loop pad
    • Resistance: 1.4 Ohm.
    • Dimensions: Approximately 300 x 480 mm.
    • Contact: DIN.
  • AutoMini amplifier
    • Input signal: 50mV-12V.
    • Output load: 4 Ohm.
    • Power output: 6 W at 4 Ohm.
    • Transient state time: 50 ms.
    • Decay time: 100 ms.
    • Frequency range: 100 Hz-8 kHz, -3 dB rel. 1 kHz.
    • Distortion: <1%.
    • Signal/noise ratio: >40 dB A-weighted.
  • External mains adapter
    • Plug-in adapter, primary 230V 50Hz, secondary 12V AC, 15VA.

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