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Primary device
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Product Description: 

Herbor is an internet-based communication system is for people who are unable to use a regular email program and social media like Facebook due to a developmental disability or brain injury. It is a simple visual communication tool that provides users with special needs the same opportunities as others who are not challenged by a cognitive disability.

Main Features: 

  • Pictures - Save photos and share them.
  • Email - Send or receive emails and get a reading using built-in speech synthesis.
  • Diary - Write and save experiences from everyday life.
  • Guestbook - Get a greeting from family and friends.
  • Calendar - Keep track of birthday and other events.
  • Links - Quick and easy access to the Internet pages most visited.
  • Life History - Select the photos in photo albums that show a life story.
  • Writing friends - Find and meet new friends and write emails together.
  • A subscription service.

More Information: 

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