IR Quickphone

Product Type: 
Modifiable product
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Product Description: 

SiCare IR Quick Phone is a handsfree phone with an integrated infrared receiver and voice activation.

Main Features: 

  • Handsfree phone with 16 keys.
  • Can display the number you have called, the time of conversation.
  • Possibility of block the phone.
  • Feature all product by SICARE family.

Options & Accessories: 

  • SiCare II Standard: Voice Recognition for Mobile Control; Convert spoken commands into signals and control numerous devices.
  • SiCare II Basic: Voice Control, Manual Control, Using external sensors with scanning for those with severe motor disabilities;  Voice feedback is provided which also repeats the commands on the scan; It is possible to connect a speaker and an external microphone; Voice training directly on the instrument. 
  • SiCare Light II: Simply speak, without using a remote, to operate the television, and without picking up the phone to make a call. The device is portable and easily programmable and includes external keys for caregivers as well.

More Information: 

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