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Modifiable product
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Product Description: 

iSignIT-app is an application for mobile devices so medical professionals can communicate with patients who are deaf or are more at ease with signing. Aided by iSignIT-app, it becomes much easier for doctors to take basic medical histories of patients who have to rely on sign-language and to inform them about the next steps to be taken regarding diagnostics and treatment.

Main Features: 

  • Currently, content is available for German, Austrian as well as English sign language.
  • Additional languages could easily be integrated into iSignIT-App.
  • The sign and spoken languages ​​contained in the app can be freely combined with one another. 
  • Selection of the phrase to be translated - The user can choose freely from the phrases contained in the app, sorted by subject area.
  • Translation - the selected phrase is translated into the other person's language and reproduced both in text form and a video (for sign language) or audio (for spoken languages).
  • Logbook - The selected phrases are saved with the date and time for documentation purposes; exporting and deleting the entries is possible. 
  • Information - Background information (disclaimer, contact): All data acquisition has to be started by the users, there are no automatic data collection processes. The app does not record any personal information. Only date, time and selected phrases are logged by the app. The user has to start all data collection himself and may also completely remove any information that was logged if desired. Data can be exported, eg via email, if the user selects the export function shown in the log view. No data is transmitted without the user's knowledge.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 or newer.

More Information: 

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