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Approximate Cost: $35.00


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Product Description: 

iTtracker is a head control software for Mac that requires no calibration, no teaching/learning/practice but works by identifying and tracking the movements of the user's head only. 

Main Features: 

  • Complete mouse control.
  • Rich dwell panel that supports:
    • Drag & Drop.
    • Left-click.
    • Right-click.
    • Middle-click.
    • Double click.
  • Dynamic and adjustable sensitivity/noise control.
  • Global shortcut key for instant activation/deactivation of the tracking.
  • Low CPU utilization: 4.1MB.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Web camera (designed to work with the built-in iSight as well as other webcams): As long as users can see themselves in the frame, EyeTwig will perform well.
  • MacOS Mojave support.
  • Support for multiple capture devices.
  • Multi-screen support.

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