Jabra Tour Bluetooth Speakerphone Switch Adapted Interface

Product Type: 
Device modifier
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This product has been discontinued.

Product Description: 

This Jabra Tour-Car Speakerphone has been adapted for switch control. Noise-cancelling technology ensures understandable calls without the annoying “speakerphone” sound. Every word will come through thanks to the HD Voice microphone. Whether users are on a call or listening to music, the 3-watt speaker delivers sound.

Main Features: 

  • Jabra Tour gives simple verbal instructions on how to connect with a mobile phone. Jabra Tour also updates users when the battery is low and tells them who’s calling.
  • Users can keep their hands on the wheel and simply use their voice to make and take calls.
  • When users are not in a call they can use the Jabra Tour to stream music, GPS directions, or podcasts.
  • Auto on/off. When users get in their car, Jabra Tour automatically turns on using its built-in motion sensor. Likewise, it will turn off by itself after users park and leave their car.
  • Long battery life. Up to 20 hours of talk time and 60 days standby.
  • 3Watt speaker.
  • Suitable for the home, car or office, this Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone could be mounted on a bedhead or in a wheelchair. 
  • Supplied with car charger and USB cable.

More Information: 

This product is discontinued by the manufacturer, but it may still be available for purchase from third party vendors. Try searching the product by name on the internet. Be careful as the manufacturer may no longer support it - or support it for long.