Jumbomini / Jumbomidi / Jumbomaxi

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

This large-field keyboard series is suitability for people with motor difficulties, such as tremble, spastic paralysis, athetosis or coordination, or those with low vision. Can be used controled with the hand, foot, mouth, or headstick. Three sized verisons are available and customizations are possible. 

Main Features:

  • The special feature of this product group are the enlarged and recessed buttons and the possibility to set different time parameters.
  • Due to the wide distance between the keys and the 4 mm recessed keys, incorrect operation (eg pressing 2 keys at the same time) is largely ruled out. The finger is 'directed' to a key.
  • To relieve the hand or arm musculature, the hand can be placed on the button surface without the keys being released.
  • The semicircular keys come to meet the human musculoskeletal system of the arms allowing fatigue-free working with the keyboard.
  • Compact and ergonomic keypad arrangement
  • An adjustable fingering function allows z. For example, pressing Ctrl / Alt / Delete at the same time. 
  • The locking of the keys Alt, Altgr, Strglinks, Strgrechts, Shiftlinks and Shift Rights can be conveniently  set as a.) 1 - detent. In this case, the lock function deletes after any 
    other (except the lock buttons) other key press - so unnecessary unnecessary keystroke is saved, b.) as permanent detent (for example, strings can be displayed), c.) as non-latching. The special locking function is switched off and the keys behave like a 'normal' keyboard. 
  • The state of the locking function is signaled by a red lamp.
  • A switchable key acknowledgment tone allows a good control of the actuated keys.
  • The device is equipped with 4 different individually adjustable delay times.
  • A built-in keyboard interface allows uncomplicated connection of another standard keyboard.
  • A macro function allows the storage of any data records (up to a maximum of 55 individual keys). These records can be placed by the user on almost all keys of the keyboard.
  • By using short-stroke keys with a stroke of only 1.6 mm instead of the usual 4 mm, a quick and effort-saving key input is possible.
  • The keys are equipped with a defined pressure point (cracking effect), this results in an acoustic and tactile feedback, i.e. the user feels in the finger that the key was triggered.
  • A driver software is not necessary for the operation of the device. All functions are 'hardware-resolved' and adjustable on the keyboard.
  • All user-oriented data remains stored even after the PC has been switched off.
  • The keyboard has a high service friendliness through the use of individual mechanically high-quality keys. The buttons can be easily changed.
  • The key label is a multicolor mirror print on special foil. This elaborate process ensures absolutely abrasion-resistant and glare-free labeling.
  • The case construction is extremely robust: A massive powder-coated hard aluminum plate with real wood frame. By using internal wedges, the pressure distribution from the solid top plate goes directly to the bottom plate.
  • Special designs are possible (e.g. instead of the normal 3 mm recessed buttons, a recess can also be produced to a maximum of 6 mm.) For example, some buttons can also be individually positioned).
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Jumbomini (small)
  • Jumbomidi (medium)
  • Jumbomaxi (large)
  • These 3 sizes are available in the following variants:
    • Right-handed version without numeric keypad
    • Right-handed version with integrated numeric keypad
    • Left-handed variant without numeric keypad
    • Left-handed version with integrated numeric keypad

Primary Specifications:

  • handicapped accessible and ergonomically arranged radial keypad.
  • mechanically stable and proven keys.
  • Key size: 20 mm, 22 mm or 25 mm depending on the version.
  • Key spacing (measured in each case from the adjacent key center point): 25 mm, 28 mm or 35 mm, depending on the version.
  • Key depth: 4 mm deep in the standard version.
  • Key stroke: approx. 1.6 mm (short-stroke keys).
  • Key life:> 10 million operations
  • Tactile and acoustic feedback of the keys (cracking-frog effect).
  • switchable acoustic key tone
  • Operating force: approx. 0.7 Newton.
  • additional keyboard connection possibility.
  • with macro function (maximum 55 characters).
  • with 4 different separately adjustable keyboard parameters (delay times etc.)
  • Button lettering multicolored, absolutely abrasion-proof and glare-free.
  • complete single-finger operation, variably adjustable.
  • All setting options are made directly on the keyboard.
  • all user-defined parameters are saved.
  • straightforward connection (the keyboard is simply reconnected instead of the normal keyboard).
  • Keyboard is IBM-PC / MF 2 compatible.
  • Extremely robust keyboard (due to a complex housing construction).
  • High service friendliness through the use of single mechanically high-quality keys. 
    The keys can be changed easily, eg in case of unwanted liquid penetration.
  • Real wood frame
  • Scratch-resistant surface due to powder coating of the aluminum plate.
  • CE compliant.
  • Aid No: (Group).
  • Current consumption: 8 - 25 mA, type: 12 mA at 5 V + - 5%.
  • Storage: - 20 C ° to 60 C °, Operating: 0 C ° to 50 C °, Humidity: max. about 80%, not condensing.
  • Pin assignment: Standard 6 pin mini Din (PS2 plug).
  • Cable length approx. 2.5 m.
  • Made in Germany.
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty.


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