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KEO controls the electrical devices of your bedroom or your home. It gives you access to your computer and your mobile phone*. You can use it with your electrical wheelchair and then it becomes an accessory of it. Very compact, it can be installed easily and soberly.

Main Features:

  • Means of access according to the user’s difficulties: KEO can be used whatever the user’s motor abilities. It can be controlled by pressing the screen keys, via a low amplitude joystick, or via an adapted switch (see switches) or via the wheelchair joystick.
  • KEO can be easily connected to the joysticks of various electrical wheelchair brands*. In this case it is possible to control it directly, and thus the environment, by the same means as you control the wheelchair*. Of course KEO can be used without being installed on the wheelchair.
  • KEO can be set at will : KEO includes a setting software designed in cooperation with rehabilitation teams, that allows everyone to easily carry out programming. Standard menus (9 to 20 keys) allow for an almost immediate use.
  • Mobile phone: For any phone function, KEO remotely controls mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth : wireless, very easy to use and to install*.
  • Control of the computer : KEO allows you to control directly your computer mouse, whatever your means of access to KEO : keyboard, switch, joystick or wheelchair. Equipped with an onscreen keyboard software such as WIVIK, it allows for a complete use of your computer.
  • Wireless switch : KEO can be operated via its touchscreen, a switch or a joystick. Its specific feature is that it can be used via a wireless switch, which means two main advantages : no cumbersome wiring and a higher reliability.


  • KEO V2
  • KEo V2 Bluetooth


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