LeseAs quattro 4.0

Product Type: 
Modifiable product
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This product has been discontinued.

Product Description: 

The LeseAs quattro is a compact built reading talkie, the scanner is built into the unit itself, but stands beside it. The device has two USB ports, a headphone jack and a line-out output at a fixed level for a recording device. In addition, a computer monitor can be connected.

Main Features: 

  • The LeseAs quattro has no voice-enabled file management. 
  • Save and the import and export of text are not possible. The device does not allow scanning in the background while a text is read.
  • As languages Dagmar and Thomas (E-Tex) are available. 
  • The pitch can not be regulated, but the rate of speech. 
  • Navigation modes: character by character, word by word, sets, line by line, in batches, page by page. However, it is possible to jump backward by word. The last passage is not stored, electronic bookmarks not freely settable.
  • The device reads standard printed text flow with 12-point Arial font. 
  • The pronunciation of individual words, punctuation and special characters can not be set individually by the user.
  • Can read information boxes within the text, colored text, tables of numbers and more
  • OCR software: FineReader. 
  • Column detection can be disabled by the user, but only for the next scan. 
  • The sheet position is automatically detected and possibly also announced. 

More Information: 

This product is discontinued by the manufacturer, but it may still be available for purchase from third party vendors. Try searching the product by name on the internet. Be careful as the manufacturer may no longer support it - or support it for long.