Product Type: 
Device modifier


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Product Description: 

The LISA stick is a text recognition with speech output/reading system. It includes Screenreader NVDA and works as an external drive. When connected to a PC with a Windows operating system it transforms the PC into a reader.

Main Features: 

  • Saves individual settings.
  • Smart PC detection.
  • If the LISA-Stick on a PC it already has been used on, it "reminds" the user of the existing hardware (scanner, installed and used voice, etc.).
  • Automatic SAPI detection: Many PCs already have a voice output that can be used.
  • If the user prefers the voice/language they use, they can install it from the stick and use it from now on whenever they use the LISA-Stick on that PC.
  • Read function without scanner: If the "guest PC" does not provide a scanner, the user can still save or import documents, such as Word or PDF templates.
  • It does not make any difference whether a PDF has been created without barriers or conventionally, but allows the template to be presented.
  • It features a speaking pocket calculator, speaking date and time announcement, memo function, reminder function, and ability to create audiobooks by the MP3 export function.
  • Backup system: Included in delivery is a CD version for local installation
  • No installation is required, as all programs are already installed on the LISA-Stick as a functional application and stick-executable.
  • For lovers of our TrueVoice language editions Klara and Reiner, both languages ​​are prepared for a simple one-time installation. LISA software includes the free Screenreader NVDA.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Runs on Microsoft Windows.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.