Magic Flute

Product Type: 
Primary device
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Product Description: 

The Magic Flute is an adaptive electronic wind instrument that enables people with disabilities to play music with only small movements of the head.

Main Features: 

  • The flute requires no hands to play and is rotated up and down to change pitch and the strength of the breath controls the volume.
  • Users can completely control the flute using just their breath and small head movements.
  • The control box contains a  sound module with 128 different instruments, including saxophone, trumpet, and a guitar. 
  • The bright display shows users the note they are about to play.
  • Most players mount the flute on top of a microphone or camera stand.
  • A special bracket allows it to pivot freely up or down.
  • A set of handles are available for those who wish to hold it in their hands.
  • The flute also acts as the remote control for the Control Module (sip & puff).
  • Provides a way for people who have limited lung function to carry out breathing exercises.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.