Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

MagicEye is used to control cursor placement on the computer screen using a person's eyes. MagicEye calculates the user gaze direction and places the mouse cursor on the screen location where the user is focused. The user can move his or her head without interfering with the operation of the application.

Main Features: 

  • MagicEye determines the direction of the user's gaze to place the mouse pointer on the screen where the user's gaze is focused.
  • Head movements do not interfere with the operation of the application.
  • MagicEye can be used by people wearing glasses and adjusted as necessary so the alignment of the camera and glasses do not cause reflections.
  • Calibration is done automatically for each user and can be adjusted through a simple interface activated by the user to achieve the maximum precision of cursor movement.
  • Users activate and deactivate MagicEye using only their eyes.
  • With few hours of training, a user can access any button in a graphical interface, such as those in Word, or Paint with a high resolution on the computer screen.

More Information: 

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