MagniLink PCViewer Software

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Product Description: 

MagniLink PCViewer Software is an application that can be used on a PC / laptop with a Microsoft Windows operating system.  The display of captured text is possible in several adjustable modes that are customizable for visually impaired users. Similar versions are available for Mac and Chromebook. With the software options, documents that have been OCR processed via the integrated text recognition can be read out with the integrated speech synthesis, and even without having a MagniLink Reading aid connected.

Main Features: 

  • Various colors and light settings, e.g. natural and artificial colors. 
  • Different degrees of magnification. 
  • Lockable autofocus.
  • Take and view pictures.
  • Record and view videos.
  • Mirror, rotate and freeze images.
  • Automatic updates (via the Internet). 
  • Various guides to facilitate reading. 
  • More options to change and customize to individual needs on the EUC (End User Configuration) tab. 
  • Managing the functions in different ways. Either via menus, keyboard shortcuts or buttons on the reading camera control panel. 
  • Configuring keyboard shortcuts. 
  • The camera image is placed at the top / in front of all open programs. 
  • Select and switch between multiple views. 
  • Compatible with ZoomText and SuperNova programs.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Microsoft Windows 7.
  • i5 or i7 processor.
  • 4 GB RAM RAM.
  • External graphics card with at least 512 MB internal memory.
  • 1 integrated USB 3.0 port.

Options & Accessories: 

  • OCR and TTS (Text-to-Speech).
  • MagniLink PCViewer Standalone:
    • Same software as PCViewer used on a PC / laptop with a Microsoft Windows operating system, but without having the MagniLink Reading aid connected.
    • OCR and TTS are integrated.
    • A standalone license can be used on three computers at the same time. To enable it on a fourth computer, users must first disable it on one of the others.
  • When purchasing the MagniLink S Premium or MagniLink Pro reading camera, PCViewer is included. If the users choose to add the TTS option for these reading aids/cameras, the Standalone function is also included.
  • Similar software, but not with exactly the same functionality: MagniLink S for a Mac or  MagniLink ChromeViewer for a Chromebook. Both have OCR and TTS capabilities.

More Information: 

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