MANOtouch (Various Models)

4, 5+
Product Type: 
Primary device
Manufacturer Name: 

Product Description: 

MANOtouch is a series of handheld electronic video magnifiers that offer high-resolution HD cameras and autofocus capabilities and are designed to be user-friendly and contemporary.

MANOtouch 4

Features a clearly arranged touch display (approx. 3.5" diagonal).

MANOtouch 5+

Features a clearly arranged touch display (approx. 4.9" diagonal).

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions:

  • The system operates with virtual buttons on the contrast-enhanced touch display and can be organized in a customized manner including tactile feedback if desired.
  • The multi-functional protective cover serves as a comfortable reading/writing stand.
  • It offers a variety of functions for individual needs, e.g. distance viewing mode, HDMI-port for the connection of an external monitor (e.g. TV), and large image memory.
  • Continuous magnification ranges from approx. 1x - 28x, on writing stand.
  • Approx. 2.3x - 23x, due to modern camera technology.
  • Intuitive operation via virtual, customizable buttons with optional tactile feedback.
  • Multifunctional protective cover that serves as comfortable reading/writing stand.
  • Distance view mode, time display, HDMI-port, Auto ON/OFF.

The MANOtouch 5+ includes these additional features:

  • It has a multifunctional protective cover, which can be used as a handle, tactile add on buttons, and an induction charger.

Primary Specifications: 

These specifications are common to all versions:

  • Camera technology:
    • LVHD-technology (Low-Vision-High-Definition): Optimal image processing ensures a high-quality picture with a minimized blurring of characters even when reading at speed.
    • NELE-technology (Natural-Evolutionary-Light-Experience): Minimizes reflections of high gloss text and pictures.
    • TPZ-technology (distortion correction): The image will always be displayed with no distortions, even in an inclined position of the electronic magnifier.
  • Magnification: Approx. 1x - 28x (on writing stand approx. 2.3x - 23x).
  • Replaceable lithium-polymer battery: Operating time approx. 3 h (depending on lighting) charging time approx. 4 h.

MANOtouch 4 includes these additional specifications:

  • Screen: touch display with approx. 9 cm diagonal (saves up to 100 pictures).
  • Weight: approx. 200 g.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): approx. 9,2 x 8,1 x 2,1 cm.

MANOtouch 5+ includes these additional specifications:

  • Touch display with approx. 12.5 cm diagonal (saves up to 100 pictures).
  • Weight: Approx. 290 g
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): approx. 12,5 x 9,4 x 2,2 cm.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website about the MANOtouch 4.

See Manufacturer's website about the MANOtouch 5+.