Matrakes Esspacial (Words that Speak)

Manufacturer Name: 

Product Description: 

Matrakes Esspacial (Words that Speak) is a simple word processor with reading options suitable for people who have difficulty communicating and learning literacy in a conventional way, such as people with dyslexia, people without speech, and people who have difficulty acquiring phonological awareness. The program produces an auditory return and helps them to self-correct.

Main Features: 

  • It allows reading of a written text.
    • Reads the letter that is written.
    • Reads the written word.
    • Reads the written phrase.
  • Converts the written text to a sound file. 

More Information: 

This product is a freeware software available for free download off of the internet from Projecte Fressa, or search for: "open source freeware Matrakes Esspacial (Words that Speak)."