Mini Keyboard with Magnetic Stylus

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Product Description: 

Mini Magnetic Keyboard replaces a mouse and "normal" keyboard and is used with a magnetic stylus. It is designed so only one key needs to be pressed at a time. Adapted for people with very weak muscle strength (muscular dystrophy), people with a very small range of motion of the extremities, with symptoms of paralysis or with severe rheumatism/arthritis, or others who use a mouth or head - stick pen (stylus), or who need a very small and easy non-contact (using a magnetic stylus) keypad.

Main Features: 

  • The barely hand-sized device is equipped with an ergonomically arranged keypad in an arc layout with the directional keys of the mouse located on the top line of the keyboard with 3 moving speeds of the pointer.
  • The keys are recessed and the colors are different.
  • The device is operated contactless with a light magnetic pen; the ergonomically shaped wooden pen must be inserted into the respective recess to opt the key button.
  • Adjustable light and sound when a key button is pressed.
  • An adjustable one-finger function allows simultaneously pressing the Ctrl / Alt / Delete keys.
  • It is easy to lock the Alt, AltGr, Strglinks, Strgrechts, Shiftlinks and Shiftrechts keys.
    • as 1 time - adjust latching. The locking function is deleted after any other keypress (apart from the locking keys) - this saves an unnecessary further keypress
    • set as a permanent detent (e.g. strings can be displayed)
    • set as non-latching. The special locking function is switched off and the keys behave like a 'normal' keyboard. 
    • The status of the locking function is indicated by a red lamp.
  • A switchable key acknowledgment tone, as well as a switchable optical display, allows good control of the operated keys.
  • The device is equipped with 4 different individually adjustable delay times. A repeat rate can be modified to bypass an unwanted repeated pressing of a key due to perhaps a tremor.
  • A built-in keyboard interface allows the easy connection of another standard keyboard for use when training since corrective interventions can be made quickly by an instructor on a 'normal' keyboard.
  • The built-in button mouse function completely replaces a 'normal' mouse. The mouse function is of course also designed as a one-finger operation, ie a left-hold button and a double-click button are available. There are 8 direction buttons available (top, bottom, right, left and also the 4 diagonal buttons), so the mouse can be operated efficiently. The speed of the mouse pointer is either controlled dynamically (with the keys pressed first slowly then faster and faster) or by one of the 3 different speed buttons being preselected. These 3-speed buttons can each be set individually.
  • Driver software is not required to operate the device. All functions are 'hardware solved' and can be set on the keyboard. Important when used in secure work areas such as the tax office, military security zones, etc.
  • All user-oriented data remain saved even after the PC is switched off.
  • A macro function allows the user to save any data records (up to a maximum of 55 individual keys). The user can place these data records on almost all keyboard keys.
  • Additionally equipped with @, € and optionally with a = key. For example, the @ key can be triggered with just one keypress.
  • The keyboard is equipped with a very practical memory function: Almost all keys can be defined as memory keys: here, any key input by the user is saved on the second assignment level. This makes it very easy to repeat frequently repeated text passages such as 'Dear Sir or Madam' or various control commands or command chains can be saved and called up. A maximum of 247 characters per key is possible.
  • The additional keys @ and € can be reprogrammed by the user in any other key or key inputs, a maximum of 247 characters are possible. These two keys are to be used as direct macro keys, ie the memory is called up by pressing only the original key @ or €. The saved content is not placed on a second assignment level as with all other buttons.
  • The housing is milled from a full block of hard aluminum. The surface coating of the device is extremely scratch-resistant and consists of a burned-in powder coating. The device is therefore very robust.
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Included:
    • 1 piece magnetic stylus (optionally available straight or curved)
    • 1 piece of an instruction manual.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Size: Case approx. 190 x 140 mm, Front height: 19 mm, Rear height: 32 mm.
  • Keypad size approx. 150 x 80 mm.
  • Weight: approx.1.25 kg.
  • USB compatible.
  • Button size: 7 mm.
  • Key spacing: 10 mm.
  • Key depth: 2 mm.
  • Key travel: none.
  • Key service life approx. 100 million operations.
  • The keyboard is compatible with IBM-PC / MF 2.
  • CE compliant.
  • Pin assignment: Standard 6 pin mini Din (PS2 plug).
  • Cable length approx.2.5 m.

Options & Accessories: 

  • This keyboard group is available in the following versions:
    • without palm rest.
    • with wrist rest.
  • Accessories are available for purchase with this product. These include but are not limited to:
    • A very sturdy tripod. This can be freely adjusted in height (using an extendable telescopic tube) and in all directions (using 2 ball heads at the top and bottom) and is attached to the table edge.
    • More magnetic bars.
    • Hinged feet.

More Information: 

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