Moozi Joystick

Product Type: 
Modifiable product


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Product Description: 

The Moozi joystick is a low profile joystick-shaped multiple switch device which can be used to control a power drive wheelchair (requires a switch interface).



Main Features: 

  • The Moozi has 3 interchangeable knobs that provide different grip options for the user.
  • Using an appropriate adapter, the Moozi can also be used to control other switch operated devices.
  • Moozi can be positioned on a tray or table, using Velcro or a non-slip mat. It has a smooth, light sliding action (190g force).
  • Its low profile allows the hand to rest in a natural position.
  • Moozi is also suitable for visually impaired users as it has tactile features that help with finding the right direction.
  • Moozi is available with a choice of 3 knobs with stainless steel shafts and designed to suit a range of abilities and preferences. Fixed in place with a grub screw and allen key (supplied).

Primary Specifications: 

  • 9-pin D-connector
  • Used to control other kinds of multiple switch activated equipment (with similar voltage/current requirements and adaptors where necessary).
  • To use  the Moozi as a computer mouse, you will need to purchase a USB adaptor. 

Options & Accessories: 

  • Moozi Base with Mushroom knob
  • Moozi Base with T-bar
  • Moozi Base with Cow horn bar
  • Moozi Assesment Kit
  • Colors:
    • Red
    • Black 
    • Blue

More Information: 

For more information please refer to the manufacturer's website.