MultiView HD

Manufacturer Name: 
Approximate Cost: $2,495.00

Product Description: 

The MultiView HD is a portable video magnifier that adapts to multiple environments and tasks for productivity at school, work, and home.

Main Features: 

  • Self-contained and easy to carry.
  • Three-in-one flexible camera with distance, document, and self-views: In distance view, objects from across large rooms or auditoriums can be seen in sharp focus.
    • Document view gives users the ability to magnify items such as reading materials, daily business tasks, classroom assignments, product labels, and craft projects.
    • With self-view, users get a magnified true mirror image close up.
  • Automatically remembers a user's last working settings in every view.
  • Magnification up to 131 times the original size, depending on the monitor.
  • True full color plus high-contrast full color.

Options & Accessories: 

Accessories are available for purchase for this product. These include, but are not limited to

  • Rolling carrying case.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website