Nemeth Tutorial

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Primary device

Product Description: 

The Nemeth Tutorial is a free online course that teaches students and teachers how to use the Nemeth code from introductory topics to advanced topics in mathematics.

Main Features: 

  • Chapter One: First Grade, which includes exercises about The Numeric Indicator, Punctuation, Comma, Plus and Minus Signs, Equals Sign, and Signs of Comparison.
  • Chapter Two: Second Grade, which includes exercises about Abbreviations, the Decimal Point, and Monetary Sign: Dollar and Cent.
  • Chapter Three: Third Grade, which includes exercises about the Multiplication Cross, Division, Parentheses, Simple Fractions, Omission Symbol, Roman Numerals, Mixed Fraction, and Introduction to Nemeth Indicator.
  • Chapter Four: Fourth Grade, which includes exercises about Variables, Shapes Omissions, Ratios and Percents, Degrees, and Basic Geometric Symbols.
  • Chapter Five: Fifth Grade, which includes exercises about Basic Exponents, Segments, Lines, Rays and their Relationship, Directed Signed, and Ordered Pairs.
  • Chapter Six: Sixth Grade, which includes exercises about Absolute Value, The Horizontal Bar - Repeating Decimals, Greater than or equal to, and Less than or equal to, and Brackets and Braces.
  • Chapter Seven: Seventh Grade, which includes exercises about  Complex Fractions.
  • Chapter Eight: Eighth Grade, which includes exercises about Real Numbers and Plus/Minus and Not Equal Sign.
  • Chapter Nine: Algebra, which includes exercises about Set Notations: Complements, Subsets, Union, Intersection, Ratios and Proportions, More Sets: Union, Intersections and the Infinity Symbol, Matrices, and Factorial.
  • Chapter Ten: Geometry, which includes exercises about Signs of Comparison: Approximately Equal To, Similar To, Congruent To and Conjunction, Disjunction, Conditionals, and Biconditionals.
  • Chapter Eleven: Advanced Mathematics, which includes exercises about Subscripts, Funtion Name Abbreviation, Vectors, Circles and Arcs, Additional Shapes, More Complex Radicals, Sigma Notation, Limits, Integrals, Logic and Set Theory, Caret and Partial Derivative, Logical Operators For All, There Exists, and Therefore, Greek Letters, Tally Marks, and Type Faces.

Primary Specifications: 

  • For sighted users, the most updated browser possible offers the best experience.
  • If the browser supports the display of MathML content, users can check the MathML button to show the expressions automatically rendered.
  • For blind users: Use the newest version of a browser and screen reader as possible. This site uses modern web techniques that neither older browsers nor screen readers were designed to interpret.

More Information: 

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