Neofect Pegboard

Manufacturer Name: 

Product Description: 

Interactive Home Activities for Fine-Motor Skills Recovery. Neofect Pegboard offers a digital rehab solution for stroke recovery through exercises that does not tax the whole body to perform.

Main Features: 

  •  A fun way to strengthen Fine- Motor Skills by providing activities that require the use of overall grasp and in-hand manipulation.
  • Based on the client's needs the activities can be made more or less difficult.
  • Takes the traditional pegboard and brings it into the 21st century, adding a digital training program that lights up the board and interacts with the user as the exercises are being done. 
  • Challenges and makes users think about where they place their pegs on the board, working on skills like planning, organization and reaction time.   
  • Games that increase overall visual motor skills, memory, decision making, information processing, hand coordination, and perceptual skills.  
  • Three interchangeable boards that prompt participation through lights and sounds.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer’s website.