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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

News‑2‑You is a weekly online newspaper connecting students with special needs to the world around them. A supplementary tool for literacy and learning, it gives students the opportunity to have conversations both in and out of the classroom about relevant topics of the day.

Main Features: 

  • Class News—a feature that allows students to create their own newspapers.
  • Features a self-paced, onscreen activity designed to encourage collaboration between students, and foster strong associations with the weekly edition of News‑2‑You. 
  • Following discussion prompts, the class creates newspapers specific to a school district, classroom or student. 
  • Provides literacy and language instruction as students learn about diverse current events topics through age-respectful content.
  • News‑2‑You is cross-curricular and is presented in an accessible format, supporting digital and media literacy.
  • Skill-building activities are designed to enhance student understanding and engagement, encouraging communication, vocabulary, writing, and geography.
  • Available in several levels of the same story: Advanced, Higher, Regular, Simplified, and Text Only for each edition.
  • Versions of the paper can be matched to learners’ reading support needs, allowing all students access to the same content.
  • Subscribers access the weekly newspaper issue online, with interactive speaking pages, or offline, using printable pages for instruction.

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