Nib & McNib Clickless Software

Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Nib for PC & McNib for Mac work by intelligently monitoring cursor moves on the screen. When users pause, Nib performs the mouse click for them. Default clicks are the left-clicks, and a toolbar is displayed so that a right or double click can be selected by pausing over that icon.

Main Features: 

  • It has visual indicators at the cursor that allow users to see what is happening on the part of the screen they are looking at.
  • It is optimized for web browsing so a user can surf all night (take regular breaks) and not have to click a button.
  • It also has an intelligent break timer that monitors activity and adjusts the time to the next break on that basis. The PC version has the option to disable the keyboard and mouse for the duration of the break.
  • DragnMove highlights text, copies, and pastes, and moves frames. Users can surf the Web without having to click a single mouse button.
  • Click Count monitors user and software clicks so users know just how much muscular activity they save. Break Timer sets an interval between breaks as well as the Break Duration.
  • Hotkeys allow keyboard emulation of many mouse button functions and ApplyNib sets different functions in different windows.
  • A cursor prompt lets a user know where Nib is going on the web and provides the user time to decide to go there.

More Information: 

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