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Product Description: 

Odt2braille is a braille converter which is designed to work with (version 3.2 and higher) and LibreOffice. These office suites are not (yet) accessible via speech or Braille display. This software is designed primarily for sighted care providers with a view to professional braille production. -odt2braille is a plug-in, this is an additional software module that adds to the office suite. A document that is created from a blank document or a Braille template directed, by odt2braille converted into a braille document. The result can still be proofread before printing. The settings for printing can be extensively adjusted.


Main Features: 

  • Operating systems: Windows, beta version for MacOS
  • Dutch UI: yes
  • Dutch Braille table: yes additional information
  • Odt2braille has Dutch and a Dutch Braille table.
  • Not all commercially available braille printers are supported. There is currently support for printers from Index, and Braillo Interpoint.
  • Support for various other printers in beta version.
  • The program is written for the Windows versions of OpenOffice and LibreOffice and is limited (only conversion) on MacOS. -The program is localized for a range of languages including English and Dutch.
  • Braille Conversion for 40 languages, including Dutch, French, English and German is provided.

More Information: 

For more information on this product, please refer to the developer's website.