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Product Description: 

Onboard by Gnome is an on-screen keyboard bundled in linux ubuntu operating systems. Onboard is intended as an assistive technology, to be used in combination with a pointing device, rather than for use via a touchscreen.

Main Features: 

  • Hover over keys to enter characters. 
  • "Scan through keys" - allows sequentially moving through the keyboard using a joystick, mouse, or a keyboard key. 
  • Word prediction/suggestions.
  • Primary text entry method with a touch screen device. 
  • Support common text entry activities. 
  • Match typical keyboard layout for the locale (support for Latin scripts is the primary goal/non-Latin input needs to be considered separately). 
  • Adjust to the type of text being entered and the context of use. Examples: URLs or email addresses, numbers, search. 
  • Allow emojis to be entered.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Cloud4All
  • Linux Ubuntu versions available

More Information: 

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