Pointing Magnifier

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Product Description: 

The Pointing Magnifier is software used as an adaptable aid to improve the pointing accuracy of the user by increasing the screen size under the cursor to a scale from 20 to 128.

Main Features: 

The Pointing Magnifier is a two-stage pointing technique:

  • The user controls an area cursor of a size that is useful. To interact with a target, the user places the area cursor over that target and activates it by clicking any mouse button. This causes everything under the circular cursor to be magnified, and the cursor is pinned in place.
  • While magnified, the pointer then functions as a standard mouse pointer inside the magnified area: an action can be performed (e.g., clicking, dragging) with everything magnified.
  • After the user performs an action, the Pointing Magnifier returns to its useful size and the user resumes control of the area cursor.

Primary Specifications: 

  • The Pointing Magnifier requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework. 
  • There are currently a few known issues that we have documented in deploying the Pointing Magnifier to Windows, however, most functions are fully supported.

More Information: 

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