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Product Description: 

PortaNum is a vision aid software designed to help the reading of distant documents (charts or video projection screen). First, the computer takes the picture of the article that can't be read, then the software zooms in and applies image processing to suit the user's vision disability (inversion, false colors, improvement of contrast, brightness, sharpness).

Main Features: 

  • The image can be saved.
  • While viewing the displayed images, notes can be made.
  • It can connect to the Interactive Digital Board (TNI).
  •  A document on your desktop can be filmed, and PortaNum then acts as a conventional tele-enlarger. For this application, a simple webcam is enough. 
  •  Finally, PortaNum can enlarge prerecorded images, even from a scanner.

Primary Specifications: 

  • PC Windows 2000 / ME / XP.

More Information: 

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