Portset Digital Media Centre

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Primary device
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Product Description: 

The Portset Digital Media Centre provides the Freeview digital television and radio channels in an accessible solution. Designed for the visually impaired it provides voiced guidance and feedback with high-quality speech.

Main Features: 

  • The Digital Media Centre standalone system unit incorporates front-facing stereo speakers, master volume control, and contrasting key controls. Connection of a suitable external aerial is all that is needed to receive the digital service.
  • An integral CD/DVD drive allows playing of audio CD’s, MP3, Daisy format and audiobooks. Options provide for playing DVD’s with or without audio described material.
  • Automatic tuning of all broadcast stations at installation.
  • Finds and advises of new channels.
  • Provides Audio Description of broadcasts.
  • 7-Day program guide selectable by channel, day, and time.
  • 7-day listing of audio described programs.
  • Now and next program information.
  • Pause and resume any live broadcast.
  • Record and playback of programs with internal Hard Drive* approximately 100hrs**.
  • Selection of channels by their spoken name or by their channel number.
  • Independent volume control of broadcast audio, audio description and speech system for each channel.
  • Identification of encrypted channels and off-air broadcasts.
  • Separation of Television and Radio broadcasts.
  • CD audio and MP3 together with Daisy format players.
  • The front panel incorporates a user control key unit, dual speakers, rotary master volume control, CD slot player, personal headphone connector and power on switch.
  • The rear panel has aerial in, audio phono output and a power connector.
  • The CD player will play audio music CD’s, MP3, Daisy format talking books products and audiobooks.
  • Book-marking of Daisy books is automatically provided and offered to the user at the next reading.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Measures 37cm wide, 10cm high, and 27cm deep.

More Information: 

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