Power Reader

Product Type: 
Modifiable product
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Product Description: 

A free dyslexic reader/learning tool, a graphical, interactive text reader integrated with computer text-to-speech whose level of focus, complexity, and detail is adjustable according to the user's needs. It provides a multiple "level of detail" presentation of text where items can be viewed at the letter, word, sentence, and paragraph level, allowing adjustment to the user's needs.

Main Features: 

  • Items can grow or shrink in size as they are read by the software, and the color of the text can also be adjusted.
  • Image representations and dictionary definitions of words can be displayed next to the word as each word is read.
  • A speech API (Free-TTS) reads each word that has the current focus, and the user can adjust the speed the text is read through.
  • Zoomable User Interface.
  • Interactive paragraph/sentence/word selection.
  • Integration with Google Images, Flickr, and Yahoo Images for image lookup.
  • Integration with Wiktionary, WordNet Dictionary for dictionary definition lookup.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Requires Microsoft Windows and Java.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.