Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Prizmo is a scanner app for iPhone & iPad that lets users create scans of documents and process business cards from photos via an intuitive interface. Prizmo comes with editing capabilities as well as OCRs to extract text from pictures. Export options allow users to generate PDFs, image files, or layout-preserving Microsoft Word documents.

Main Features: 

  • Advanced automation capabilities including Apple’s Shortcuts app. It also provides accessibility features with VoiceOver, as well as iOS integration with iCloud, iPad multitasking, and clever extensions.
  • Streamlined Capture Experience:
    • Prizmo provides an auto shoot capability together with a much-enhanced page detection technique with live feedback. Many document options like cleanup are preconfigured, and results are now previewed directly during capture to avoid later reshooting.
  • Image Enhancements:
    • Enhance pictures with the perspective crop, cleanup, brightness & contrast, and many other tools. Prizmo’s lets users achieve 300+ DPI output in camera-based scanning land.
    • Non-flat books and magazines pages are now automatically flattened, leading to improved OCR accuracy, and irregular document borders fixed with the edge repair tool.
  • Accurate Text Recognition:
    • Multiple OCR Options.
    • Two OCR options: on-device OCR with machine learning and cloud-based OCR that comes with experimental handwriting recognition (English only).
    • Full access to the process itself and the document structure. Users can review and edit the recognized text along with the source image, or even trigger OCR again on specific text blocks with tuned binarization or other language settings.
  • Export and Share:
    • PDF Auto Upload to the Cloud.
    • Background OCR processing followed by automatic PDF generation and upload into the cloud.
    • The supported cloud storage services include Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and WebDAV.
  • Export Options & Smart Actions:
    • Prizmo offers numerous export options such as searchable PDF, regular text, PNG, JPEG, or vCard files; includes the Microsoft Word (DOCX) format with preserved document layout that will also work in Apple's Pages or Google Docs, together with optional PDF password protection and new PDF compression schemes (JBIG2, CCITT G4) to achieve high resolution scans possibly well under 50KB. 
  • OS Integration:
    • Features integration like Continuity across iPhone/iPad/Mac, iCloud documents, Open In and Photos extensions, iPad multitasking & keyboard shortcuts, drag & drop, Siri Shortcuts, VoiceOver, and text-to-speech background audio playback.
    • Takes a spot in Message extensions so users can quickly scan and send a document without leaving the conversation. 
  • Pro Features & Accessibility:
    • VoiceOver Support.
    • Prizmo is an essential tool for blind and low-vision users, as it allows users to scan & read-aloud text documents.
    • Enables operating all features of the app with absolutely no visual feedback.
    • It features spoken guidance before shooting as well as spoken document description that informs about page and device positioning & text quantity before shooting. 
  • All-in-one Text Reader:
    • Extracted text can be sent to the built-in Text Reader for a comfortable multi-page reading experience.
    • Text rendering can be fully customized by adjusting margins, line spacing, text size, and fonts. The reader is fully compliant with iOS’s Dynamic Type, and it proposes the OpenDyslexic font to help with dyslexia.
    • Prizmo’s Text Reader is also fully equipped with a text-to-speech capability that will read the text aloud. It provides interactive individual word highlighting as it is being spoken and offers controls to navigate through sentences or pages.
    • Speech rate can be adjusted, and Prizmo can even read in the background to a user's audio setup (headphones, car, etc.), just like a music player.
  • Batch Editing & Automation:
    • Batch editor to propagate chosen settings (cleanup mode, cropping frame, OCR language, etc.) across pages. 
    • Prizmo’s document processing features can also be invoked from other apps such as Apple Shortcuts using the x-callback-URL scheme.
    • Camera capture can be triggered, or photos imported into Prizmo with immediate text, image, PDF or DOCX generation that is sent back to another app or read out loud.
  • 28 on-device neural network-based OCR languages.
  • 26 Cloud OCR languages.

Options & Accessories: 

  • Free version (limited access to many features).
  • Premium Pack version (full access to all features).

More Information: 

See manufacturer's website