PTN2 Cross

Product Type: 
Modifiable product
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Product Description: 

PTN2 Cross is a talking book player for the visually impaired. Voice guidance helps users to navigate and reads the content from a CD, SD card or USB storage device or text and MS-Word files.

Main Features: 

  • Navigation functions in heading, group, page, phrase, bookmark, album, track, level, screen, paragraph, line, sentence, spell, word or character.
  • Reading Microsoft Word DOC, plain text, html or DAISY text by text-to-speech.
  • Audio files: MP3, unprotected WMA, AMR-WB+, Ogg Vorbis, Wave (PCM) formats, Music CDs (CD-DA).
  • Bookmarks, maximum 10,000 items.
  • The playback speed can be changed from 0.5 to 3 times true speed. The tone can be changed from -6 to +6.
  • Waterproof and shock resistant.
  • Large and tactile keys.
  • Use the PTN2 Cross key layout to navigate, remove cover for full-option.
  • Voice guides help the user through all key operations and menu items.
  • Key description in Key Describer mode.
  • Built-in user’s guide in DAISY format.
  • Compatible with SDHC to support up to 32GB.
  • Plays content on USB flash memory drives with USB 2.0 high speed.
  • A DAISY CD can be recorded onto an SD card or a USB device. Recording between SD card and USB device is also possible.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Height: 5.6 cm.
  • Length: 17 cm.
  • Width: 22 cm.

More Information: 

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