RapiTap Accessible Game (Various Models)

RapiTap and RapiTap Lite
Manufacturer Name: 
Approximate Cost: $1.99

Product Description: 


An accessible, real-time reaction-based game for Android for anyone, whether fully-sighted or not. The object is to tap targets fast & avoid decoys.

RapiTap Lite

Free version with fewer game modes, board size, and control options in Text-to-Speech than the full version.

Main Features: 

  • These features are common to all versions:

    • Suits all players, those with limited reflexes through to robots with lightning fast reactions.
    • Uses eye-hand coordination.
    • Fully Talkback accessible – also ideal for developing and practicing “Explore by touch” skills.
    • The speed of the game is based on the user's reaction time.
  • These features are common to RapiTap:

    • 15 game modes/levels.
    • 12 board sizes from full screen to 10x12 grid.
    • 5 themes: From bright, easy-to-see shapes and solid colors, to the challenging “Stripes of confusion”. Also a new Easter theme.
    • More options (ability to start app right in the game, rather than starting on the options screen, more control over in-game TTS options, more detailed game statistics and ability to adjust in-game speech).
  • These features are common to RapiTap Lite:

    • 3 of the 12 game modes/levels from the full version.
    • 3 of the 11 board sizes from the full version (from full screen to 10x12 grid in full game, full screen to 3x4 grid in lite).

Primary Specifications: 

  • These specifications are common to all versions:
    • Requires: Android 2.2 and up.
  • Size:
    • RapiTap: 3.7M.
    • RapiTap Lite: 2.4M.

More Information: 

See Google Play for RapiTap.

See Google Play for RapiTap Lite.