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Device modifier
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Approximate Cost: $850.00


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Product Description: 

ReadDesk is a portable OCR device for scanning, reading and magnifying device with all of the features needed for users with low vision or reading difficulties. It has instant text to speech capabilities, color options for easier viewing, and voiced with menu functions.

Main Features: 

  • Auto-Start: ReadDesk immediately scans and speaks the text in a natural-sounding voice after the software icon is selected. 
  • Talking Menu: Easy navigation. Magnify the menu as needed.
  • Reading and Magnification: Start reading from any paragraph on the page. Skip forward, rewind back or pause and view the crystal clear magnified text. A highlighted box indicates which word is being read.
  • Color Enhancement: Change the colors on the screen for comfortable reading without straining the eyes. Color options include yellow on black; black on yellow; black on green; green on black; blue on yellow; yellow on blue.
  • Reading Views:
    • Original View retains the original image. Read, forward, rewind and magnify in this view.
    • Redrawn View replaces the original text with digital text giving a smooth looking text that can be magnified.
    • Wrapped View displays digital text onto a digital background and reformats the text with the width of the screen. At any magnification level, the text will remains smooth and crystal clear.
  • Adjustable Reading Speed: Configure how fast or loud it reads. 
  • Hot Keys: Access every feature using the computer keyboard to be more efficient and productive.
  • Convert Text to PDF: ReadDesk Plus can save printed material as a PDF file, allowing access to these files using any other program. 
  • Convert Text to MP3: ReadDesk Plus can save printed material in MP3 files to listen to later with an MP3 player.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Compatible on Windows PC or laptop, including Windows 8/8.1.
  • 5 MP Camera.
  • Integrated LED Light.
  • Full Page Accurate OCR.
  • USB Powered.

More Information: 

See  manufacturer's website.

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