SpeakComputer (Various Versions)

Reader, Web Browser, Mini-Speaker, Image Presentation, Appointment Reminder, Clock, Guard
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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

SpeakComputer is a suite of TTS text readers. The software is comprised of 6 separate text-to-speech readers and a text to speech parental control package.

Text to Speech Reader

A TTS software reader that supports Text-to-MP3 export as well as Text-to-Wav export.

Text to Speech Web Browser

Allows users to read the webpages by simply selecting the text on the web page and clicking “Speak”.

Text to Speech Mini-Speaker

A tool that will read any selected text from any application.

Text to Speech Image Presentation

Software that allows users to create TTS projects with which they can share with others using SpeakComputer software.

Text to Speech Appointment Reminder

A basic implementation of short- and long-term appointment software that can use the built-in features to read out alerts as to when the appointment will take place.

Text to Speech Clock

The Text-to-Speech Clock greets by a login name (default, which can be modified) whenever a user logs in.

Text to Speech Guard

A parental control feature that works with the Text-to-Speech Reader, Web Browser, and Mini Speaker applications. 

Main Features: 

Text-to-Speech Reader includes these features:

  • The easy to use user interface allows to change different pre-installed TTS voices, change the speed at which the Text to Speech reader reads back the text. 
  • “Echo Keys” feature, which if enabled, the Text-to-Speech reader will echo most keys which a user pressed while typing.
  • The Text-to-Speech Reader has a multiple document interface design allowing to open many supported files within the same application.
  • Basic document formatting is also supported. 

Text-to-Speech Web Browser includes these features:

  • The Text-to-Speech web browser also supports exporting Text to Mp3 and Text to Wav.
  • TTS voice speed adjustment is also supported as well as selecting different TTS voices that are pre-installed on the PC.
  • Standard zoom features are supported for those that may require it. 

Text-to-Speech Mini Speaker includes these features:

  • Simply open an application, select the text to be spoken, and click “Control + C”, then the mini speaker will read the text aloud.
  • The Mini Speaker also supports Text to MP3 export. TTS voice speed is also supported as well as different Text-to-Speech voices.

Text-to-Speech Image Presentation includes these features:

  • Creative Text-to-Speech Presentation.
  • Speak, Pause and Stop.
  • TTS Voice selector.
  • Voice speak rate.
  • Support of most natural sounding text to speech voices.
  • Supports image types as gif, BMP, jpg, and png.
  • Full-screen slide view.

Text-to-Speech Appointment Reminder includes these features:

  • Add, delete and modify appointments.
  • Be alerted via text to speech and or dialog.
  • Alert voice selector.
  • Support of most natural sounding text to speech voices.
  • Recurring appointments.

Text-to-Speech Clock includes these features:

  • The Text-to-Speech clock starts automatically once it is installed.
  • The Clock greets by a login name (default, which can be modified) whenever a user logs in.
  • The TTS Clock also announces the time.

Text-to-Speech Guard includes these features:

  • If turned on, the Text-to-Speech will read replacement words or simply skip the word that is to be read. 

Primary Specifications: 

These specifications are common to all versions:

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7: All requirements are pre-installed.
  • Windows XP: .Net Framework 3.0. or higher.
  • Hardware, Sound card, speakers.

More Information: 

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