Spraak Assistent AAC

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Speech Assistant is designed for people with speech difficulties but that can read. That can be in the case of ALS, autism, stroke, vocal problem or other speech problems. The app allows users to create categories, words and phrases, placed on buttons. These buttons allow the user to create messages that can be displayed or spoken. It is also possible to type messages with the keyboard.

Main Features: 

  • Categories to organize your sentences. 
  • History for quick access to previously typed sentences. 
  • Option to select images from your Photo Library for the buttons.
  • Option to record voice or use one of the many iOS text-to-speech voices. 
  • Full screen button to display your message with a large font. 
  • For iPhone and iPad support standing and landscape layout. 
  • Auto Search option, which, based on what you type, searches for all your sentences and places the found sentences on the buttons.
  • Option to create users with their own categories, sentences and voice. 
  • Backup and Restore your categories and sentences to iCloud, also useful for syncing devices.

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