SW Talker trådløs

Product Type: 
Primary device
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Product Description: 

SW Talking Wireless is a voice recorder for recording audio messages up to 2 minutes long. The device features a large, low-force activation button, which may be useful for individuals with motor impairments. Records single and sequential messages, and the device can also be used as a switch control.

Main Features: 

  • Records single and sequential messages.
  • Two minutes of recording and playback time.
  • Digital amplifier with dual speakers for high-quality sound..
  • Random, Choice, Auditory Prompt, and Converse modes.
  • Activated wirelessly with SW 125 switch wireless.
  • Wireless activation of toys with SW toy controllers.
  • Can function as a switch control for 220-volt devices.
  • Activates two pcs. toys/appliances simultaneously with corded and wireless switch.
  • Low profile, low-force activation button.
  • Provides both auditory and tactile feedback.
  • Built-in symbol holder.
  • Volume control.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Size: 22 cm wide and 18 cm deep.
  • The contact is 12.5 cm in diameter.
  • Large (125mm) low-profile contact activation area.
  • Battery: 9v.
  • Mounting: Mounting plate large triangle.
  • Cord: 1.5 m long with 3.5 mm male mini jack.

Options & Accessories: 

  • Available in a number of colors.

Accessories are available for purchase for this product. These include, but are not limited to:

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.