Symbol and Concept Coding Editor (aka SYMBERED)

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

The goal of the Nordic SYMBERED project - funded by NUH - is to develop a user-friendly editing tools to create Web pages based on the so-called 'Concept coding' (concept coding). In this way one will be able to create web content with customizable graphical symbol of support for people who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).


Main Features: 

  • This editing tool will create web material for publication in XML / XHTML format on the Internet.
  • This material will contain text in Finnish, Swedish or English, etc.
  • Some or all of the words in the text will be based on the concept codes that define their meaning.
  • The coded words / concepts can then be easily represented by alternative types of graphic symbols, and / or text representations of alternative languages.
  • In this way, Web content created with SYMBERED tool easily shown up in several different ways, where the user can choose which form of symbolic support as desired. This means that users of eg Bliss- and PCS symbols may choose to have the support of their own system of symbols at the display of these Web pages.
  • Initially SYMBEREDs editing tools will be supported by a limited term storage. These concepts will be presented as text in four to five of the Nordic languages ​​- plus English - and in three to four graphic symbol systems. More languages ​​and symbol systems will be added gradually.

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