Product Type: 
Device modifier
Manufacturer Name: 
Approximate Cost: $20.00

Product Description: 

Symbols2Write is a series of apps for the iPad and Windows devices that have been specifically designed to support pupils through the process of writing. Young learners and pupils who need support in learning about sentences and the elements that construct them can access this series of applications to support and improve their writing.

Main Features: 

  • Starting from the very basics using pictures and symbols, pupils are led through simple sentence construction - subject, verb, object, adding adjectives and prepositions, moving onto writing their sentences from the given vocabulary or from picture stimuli.
  • There are four apps in the series:
  • Symbol Sentences:
    • Level 1 introduces the core elements of simple sentences; subject, verb, and object.
    • Level 2 then builds on their understanding to construct simple sentences within a structured environment.
  • Symbol Adjectives:
    • Level 1 activities begin with basic description skills where the user identifies and selects suitable adjectives for the given illustrations.
    • Level 2 activities develop the skill of describing with the introduction of commas, conjunctions, and connectives.
  • Symbol Verbs:
    • Level 1 activities begin with basic verb skills where the user begins to understand the concept of a verb and before exploring the spelling of verbs in the present tense.
    • Level 2 activities deepen the skill of using verbs through the exploration of the past tense verb spelling including irregular verbs.
  • Symbol Nouns:
    • Level 1 begins with basic noun skills where the user begins to understand the concept of a noun and explores simple plural spelling patterns.
    • Level 2 activities deepen the skill of using nouns through the exploration of more complex plural spelling patterns.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Compatible with iPad and Windows (Windows versions available from Widgit’s website individually).
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later on the iPad.

More Information: 

See Symbols2Write in Apple’s App Store.

See Manufacturer's website.