SymbolStix PRIME

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

SymbolStix PRIME is a web-based, searchable, symbol library and materials creation platform with over 40,000 images and 49 templates. It is designed for learners with speech, language, and other varied learning difficulties, as well as beginning writers and English as a second language and English language learner students.

Main Features: 

  • Includes depictions of people, events, and activities with personally relevant stick figures appropriate for all ages.
  • SymbolStix is used in all of n2y’s materials and communication activities.
  • Teachers have the flexibility to create communication and extension activities as well as modify materials.
  • Create symbol-based language, learning materials, and other signs and symbols communication tools for printing or speaking aloud online.
  • Use the changeable skin tone feature to create representations that reflect multicultural classrooms and users.
  • There are over 30,000 symbols in the library and 500 new symbols added each month.
  • Symbol set depicts people, events and activities that are educationally relevant and age-appropriate for advancing skills acquisition.
  • Users can digitally view and listen to communication boards and activities.
  • Board Wizard enables users to create unlimited communication boards and activities for their classroom using SymbolStix or photos.
  • Choose ready-made templates, or create new ones.
  • Customize and print templates for static communication devices.
  • Board Wizard includes a set of diverse and dynamic templates that span a variety of content, subject and genre areas.

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