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Product Description: 

SymplyMouse is the software that facilitates the use of the mouse to people with mobility difficulties. 

People with motor disabilities can point the mouse pointer on the screen relatively accurately, but they are not able to produce that fine movement that allows them to hit targets or do so with difficulty and after repeated attempts. This problem is often not even overcome by the use of special emulators and significantly limits the possibility of access to many activities such as Internet consultation. 

With SimplyMouse you can solve this difficulty, whatever the type of mouse that is used. Imagine that your mouse pointer has a sort of "radar" that can sense nearby targets as you move and a "magnet" that draws them on them.  Imagine moving, for example, on the desktop, to get closer to the icon you want and to stop at one or two centimeters away. In just a few moments, the "radar" of SimplyMouse will recognize that the target is nearby and is attracted by a "magnet", the pointer will reach it. The "magnet" will lock the pointer on the icon allowing you to click. Immediately afterward you will unlock it to allow you to continue your work.

Main Features: 

SimplyMouse is compatible with:

  • all the functions of the operating system (desktop, resource management, etc.).
  • Internet Explorer.
  • the applications of the Office series (Word, Outlook, Exel, PowerPoint ).
  • the KeyVit keyboard emulator (and with the whole EuroVocs Suite series).

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