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Device modifier
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Approximate Cost: $80.00


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Product Description: 

TalkTablet PRO is a full-featured AAC speech/communication solution for people who have difficulty communicating as a result of autism, aphasia, Down Syndrome, stroke, laryngectomy or any other condition that affects a persons ability to communicate effectively. Users can speak by touching buttons that contain predefined words or phrases and add random text to phrases using the embedded on-screen keyboard.

Main Features: 

  • TalkTablet PRO includes TWELVE (12) SLP designed starter vocabularies that offer 4 to 48 buttons/page or users can create a new vocabulary of their design.
  • Each grid size (buttons/page) can be increased or decreased at any time to suit a user's needs.
  • Transition to literacy with word prediction.
  • It is possible to add buttons, pages, or new vocabularies in a flash.
  • Users can choose from over 30,000 SymbolStix symbols or take photos with the camera, use photos from their album, or add Google images to their buttons.
  • Gives the option to change color, font, borders, backgrounds and more on each button or page.
  • Buttons can be made invisible, dimmed or normal.
  • Users can move buttons by simply pressing, holding, and dragging to a new location.
  • Gives the option to copy and paste buttons between page or user vocabularies.
  • Users can prevent unwanted editing by enabling a password to the editing area.
  • Possible to prevent unwanted repeated tapping of buttons with the “Tap Delay” feature.
  • Includes natural sounding voices (not robotic) in multiple languages or users can use the included audio recording function to record voices or sounds.
  • Users can share buttons, pages, or entire vocabularies wirelessly with other TalkTablet users.
  • Includes built-in backup and a restore feature to safeguard users' pages, including a free offsite backup service.

Primary Specifications: 

  • An internet connection is not required to use TalkTablet. It is a “standalone” app.

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