TAP-it (Touch Accessible Platform Interactive Technology)

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Primary device
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Product Description: 

TheTAP·it platform uses intended touch technology, which means it recognizes the difference between purposeful and accidental interactions with the screen. The interactive workstation responds to a variety of styluses, including Pointers, Mouth Sticks, Head Pointers, Switches/Scanners, Balls, On-Screen Keyboards.

Main Features: 

  • Anyone can operate the screen using a finger, assistive device, or reach stick. Large icons help them select the correct target to make their choices. This helps to accommodate their lack of precision and accuracy in directing the mouse pointer, also aiding with involuntary arm movements. The work area is designed to ensure that the majority of users can reach the entire surface.
  • The TAPit platform works with any software on a computer, allowing teachers and therapists to resize text and graphics, adjust brightness or contrast controls, and enlarge images or change background colors within seconds. The low-glare, matte finish display is shadow-free, providing optimal viewing for low-vision users.
  • Finger touch input keeps hands free of pen tools that interfere with signing.
  • Interactive media keeps users engaged. They can read from the board and sign at the same time, increasing opportunities for communication.
  • The TAPit platform offers ongoing visual reinforcement to complement lessons and improve functional capabilities. While their eye movement increases, users with ASD, ADD, etc, can track content with greater ease. The physical interaction and visual stimulus offer an additional sensory channel to help process information.

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