Toodle Tiles

Product Type: 
Device modifier
Approximate Cost: $39.00

Product Description: 

Toodle Tiles is an educational, accessible computer game for people who are visually impaired that is based on the matching game of Mahjong. The object is to clear away matching tiles and pave the way for the new mayor of Emuville.

Main Features: 

  • Features bright, high-contrast colors and simple designs in five different tile sets.
  • Students with low vision, blindness, and typical vision can play this game.
  • A plastic form is included to explain the multi-dimensional aspects of the game.
  • Students with blindness can hear audio cues, as well as audio feedback, each time they choose a tile.

Primary Specifications: 

  • PC running Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or later.
  • 15MB of hard disk space.
  • 64MB of RAM.
  • 300 MHz Processor.
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 or later.
  • Sound card and speakers.
  • CD-ROM drive.
  • Age Range: 5 and Up

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More Information: 

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