Turn Taking

Product Type: 
Device modifier
Manufacturer Name: 
Approximate Cost: $39.00

Product Description: 

Turn Taking is a Windows-based program developed specifically for students with special needs that is designed to teach the concept of “waiting your turn." The program can be used in either two-user turn taking mode or single-user mode.

Main Features: 

  • Skills introduced: Turn Taking, Waiting your Turn, Hand-Eye Coordination.
  • Minimum Cognitive Age Level: 1 Year - Single User Mode, 2 Years - Turn Taking Mode.
  • When a student’s prompt appears, the student presses their switch, keyboard key, touch window, or mouse click to reveal a section of a picture.
  • Once the entire picture is displayed, a video clip reward related to the picture is played. 
  • In turn-taking mode, the prompt alternates between the left side and right side of the screen to indicate whose turn it is.
  • In single user mode, the student must wait for the prompt to appear before pressing their switch, keyboard key, touch window, or mouse click.
  • Prompts can be customized to be a picture of the student.
  • Audio prompting can be customized to include the student’s name. 
  • When the student presses in turn, a section of the picture is revealed along with cheerful music.
  • If an “out of turn” press occurs, a red “X” appears on the side where the “out of turn” press occurred.
  • Feedback for “out of turn” presses can be customized.
  • If an “out of turn” audio prompt was recorded for the student, it will play it along with the red “X” feedback. 
  • Includes 60 pictures and video clips.
  • Users can their own pictures and video clips.
  • Data is automatically collected for each student and can be displayed in either a spreadsheet or text format. 

Primary Specifications: 

  • Windows Versions: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • 180 MB hard disk space.

Options & Accessories: 

Available in these configurations:

  • CD (can be installed on one computer at a time).
  • Download (can be installed on one computer at a time). 
  • Classroom License CD (can be installed on an unlimited number of computers as long as they are in the same physical classroom).

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.