Product Type: 
Device modifier


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Product Description: 

Verbo is an AAC software that aids people with oral speech difficulties to communicate. It allows users to create communication boards and personalized activities aimed at improving language or cognitive rehabilitation. It can be used with any technology needed, such as pushbuttons or eye-tracking systems.

Main Features: 

  • Part of a growing Eneso Verbo Community to share and download free resources for all ages, populations, and needs.
  • Use it with mice, touch screens, keyboards, switches and scanning, joystick, enPathia, and even eye-tracking systems.
  • It can combine photos, text, pictograms, images, music, voice recordings, and colors to personalize its appearance and functionality.
  • Can create boards on the computer and use them with a smartphone or tablet using Android Verbo, with the same look and functionality as the Windows version.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Requires Windows Vista or higher.
  • Symbols and voices are downloaded after installation and use around 600MB.

Options & Accessories: 

  • Available also as an Android app for use with a smartphone or tablet.

More Information: 

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