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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

The WinGuido Voice Control is a software that allows a visually impaired person to use the personal computer and scanner by using the voice and simple commands to remember. In the same way, it is possible to make a voice dictation, to write texts or e-mail messages.

Main Features: 

  • Within the Internet menu, it is possible to use 25 items useful for managing e-mail, browsing the Internet, listening to radios, consulting railway timetables, weather forecasts and searching for telephone numbers.
  • Through the Data menu, it is possible to manage a Phonebook and an Agenda. Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses can be entered in the address book. Annotations, deadlines, and recurrences can be set.
  • Within the File menu, it is possible to create a text document and a spreadsheet, assign it a name and save the file where desired. It is also possible to create folders and move and copy files.
  • WinGuido Games menu operation: solve and compile crosswords, play broom, trump, checkers, chess and more. Moreover, with shared games, it is possible to challenge each other on the internet via skype with other users.
  • Configure WinGuido for optimal use by setting the background color, color, and size of the letters. Through this menu, users can independently configure WinGuido according to their needs.

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