ZyBox 2 Switch Adapters (Various Models)

2-VO (L), 2-VO (30), 2-SC (L), 2-SC (30)
Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Approximate Cost: $175.00


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Product Description: 

The ZyBox 2 series are three-switch input adapters for iOS devices that use the Lightning or 30-pin connector.

ZyBox 2-SC 

A three-switch adapter designed to utilize the Switch Control capability of iOS 7 and newer for switch scanning using the 30-pin or a Lightning connector.

ZyBox 2-VO 

A three-switch adapter designed to control switches to operate iOS devices through VoiceOver commands using the 30-pin or a Lightning connector.

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions:

  • 30-pin dock connector to older iOS devices; Lightning to 30-pin adapter for newer devices.
  • Three 3.5mm mono jacks for external control switch inputs.
  • Automatic detection of switch connections.
  • No additional software is required.
  • Bright LED indicator to show power On status.
  • Powered from the iOS device; no internal power required.
  • Since it is plugged into the docking connector of the iOS device, the Bluetooth connection is still available to do other things, like connect to a Bluetooth speaker, a keyboard, or to a mobile phone.
  • It uses very little power, unlike Bluetooth connected devices.

The ZyBox 2-SC includes these additional features:

  • Provides access to the Switch Control accessibility feature in iOS devices through the use of one or multiple switches.
  • The user must set up and define switch actions the first time they use Switch Control on each iOS device
  • When a user selects an item while using Switch Control, a pop-up menu appears that offers a number of advanced functions.
  • If a user selects Scroll, Gestures, Device, or Settings from this menu, a second menu of options appears that are more advanced actions or settings for Switch Control. 

The ZyBox 2-VO includes these additional features:

  • Provides access to the entire iPad and any or all apps that are compatible with the iOS Voice Over (VO) commands.
  • It has two modes to operate an iOS device: auditory queuing of available Voice Over commands, and a secondary keyboard mode to allow users to send keyboard strokes as required on some apps.
  • A list of available Voice Over commands is provided with so the user can see what each switch does when pressed.
  • In some cases, one switch is used to send more than one command based on the length of time the switch is held down by the user.
  • The individual presses and holds the control switch and listens while the device speaks each Voice Over command in sequence.
  • When the user hears the action they want to perform, release the switch and the last command spoken with be performed.

Options & Accessories: 

For ZyBox 2-SC there are two types of product options available:

For ZyBox 2-VO there are two types of product options available:

Accessories are available for purchase. These include but are not limited to:

  • ZyBox for Windows.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.